From a tiny Toronto storefront in 1968...

Where our founder, Spiros Athanasoulis roasted his first batch of delicious coffee.

As new immigrant to Canada, he had an idea to bring the "direct from the roaster" buying model to Toronto that was traditional in Europe at the time.  The hope was that consumers would visit the Roastery and purchase bags of coffee for home.

What happened next was completely unexpected....

Cup by cup, a loyal customer base of local Toronto restauranteurs began to grow and before he knew it, Spiros had created one of the largest independent coffee roasters in Canada!


“fresh from bean to brew”

We roasted our first coffees on a tiny batch roaster; 25 pounds at a time.  From our first batch to now, many things have changed. The equipment, the economy and the culture of coffee. But one thing that has remained consistent is our freshness guarantee.

"Fresh From Bean To Brew" may sound like a catchy tag line, but its more of a guideline for our business.  If you've ever visited our Roastery, you may notice our warehouse isn't bursting with packaged coffee - that's because we rotate a fresh inventory.  We believe there is NOTHING better than fresh coffee; and we take pride in sending our customers just that!


Through partnerships with select importers, farmers at source, and trade organizations we are focused on creating a sustainable offering of coffees. We strive to develop direct relationships with coffee farmers but where we do not, we make use of organizations like FLO to support fair farmer practices and partner with importers who work to do the same


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