Blueberry Cobbler


Perfect for summer months, sip our delicious Blueberry Cobbler flavoured coffee and you'll think you're sinking your teeth into fresh juicy blueberries and flaky pie crust! Add a touch of milk to bring the flavour out even more!

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Dewit
Very fragrant, fruity flavour

A fruity flavoured coffee was a bit of stretch for us but we reordered. It was well received by the family, especially the aroma. Whether a flavour is your favorite or not, Javaworks does a great job creating these products. The cuffs is always smooth and easy to drink and the flavours really come out.

Karen Chessor
Blueberry cobbler

Had the ladies over for coffee and they loved it, said it was very flavorful and smooth. They will all be ordering this flavor.

Marla M.
So tasty and smells so good!

I was a little hesitant about this coffee because although I like flavoured coffee its more the traditional flavours (vanilla, hazelnut etc.) I didn't know how a blueberry coffee would taste. I am happy to say that not only does it smell ABSOULTELY DIVINE when brewing but it tastes delicious too. You'd think by the way it smells that the blueberry taste would be very strong but that isn't the case. Its very subtle and delicious and I love love love this blend. Definitely adding to my favourites list.

Cindy Stark
Blueberry Cobbler Coffee

The blueberry coffee smells wonderful brewing; it has a subtle fruity flavour which we love!

Colin McIntosh
Super Light & Tasty

This was my first time trying a JavaWorks Ciffee and I am so impressed with the smooth and light the grounds are. Makes the coffee feel super fresh. The taste was also amazing and exactly what you’d expect. 10/10