Aiya Matcha Premix 1kg

Perfect for use in lattes, cappuccinos and smoothies, this Matcha Green Tea Pre-mix is already lightly sweetened for quick and easy drink making. Mix with hot water as well for a delicious, delicately sweet Green Tea!

Customer Reviews

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Nathalie Pellerin
Best matcha with a sweet taste

My morning routine.

Sweet with a noticeable green tea taste.

Wish the matcha taste was more pronounced and the green tea taste less, but its a great cost effective solution nonetheless. Best enjoyed with oat milk!

Alexandre Michaud Morasse
Great Matcha at a fair price

I was purchasing jade leaf before and thought I would give a try to this one. Would say it’s a bit less sweet and closer to natural matcha flavour.

Gabriella Bonita

Not a fan of matcha! But this powder is what got me into matcha! It is definitely, more on the sweeter side which is what I preferred!

Hannah D
Power good, packaging so so

I purchased this product to reduce the amount of times I go to Starbucks for Match Tea Lattes, and this hit the spot! I haven’t been back since this product was delivered. It is sweeter than I expected, but again, welcomed because I was looking to replace a sweet drink

Only “con” is the bag doesn’t close. I transferred the powder to another container, but I had to put the remainder in a ziplock bag that actually closes

I will purchase again when I run out!