Aiya Matcha Premix 1kg

Perfect for use in lattes, cappuccinos and smoothies, this Matcha Green Tea Pre-mix is already lightly sweetened for quick and easy drink making. Mix with hot water as well for a delicious, delicately sweet Green Tea!

Customer Reviews

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Great mix, can make ice latte with ease

Bought the 1Kg bag to tried, was surprise how well it mix with just cold milk to make matcha latte.
A little bit on the sweet side, if there is option for 25% less sugar then it would've been perfect.

Harry Friesen
Great Product

I have been purchasing the Aiya Matcha for several years now and have enjoyed the drink and appreciated the good and prompt service I have received from Java works!

A Treat

Wonderful matcha blend--sweetened and with a wonderful flavor.

Louis-Philippe Asselin
Amazing macha

Im new to matcha in general but this one is amazing. Incredible flavor and truly feels like what you get in fancy coffee shops

Sharon Forrest
I LOVE the Zen Green Tea Matcha blend.

Over the years I have tried countless types of Green Tea Matchas and never found the one I was yearning for until I found this blend. For years I ordered it from the States until a couple of years ago I discovered Java works in Ontario :-) People walk in the door asking, "Do you have any Green Tea Matcha?" I sometimes wonder do they come to see me, or for the Matcha. Another plus for Java Works is that when you order the product it is delivered in a few days. Much to several people's delight I also give a bag as a birthday, Christmas, and/or Hostess gift.