Aiya Matcha Premix 1kg

Perfect for use in lattes, cappuccinos and smoothies, this Matcha Green Tea Pre-mix is already lightly sweetened for quick and easy drink making. Mix with hot water as well for a delicious, delicately sweet Green Tea!

Customer Reviews

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Sophie Paul
Meilleur matcha

Bonjour, j'avais l'habitude d'acheter du matcha chez David's Tea mais maintenant je n'achète que ce matcha, il a tellement un bon goût que je n'ai pas besoin d'ajouter de sirop ou autre. Une très belle découverte :)

Best matcha for amazing price

I love this matcha. The sweetness is perfect and the price is great.

Best Matcha Pre-Mix

This is the best Matcha pre-mix I've found on the market. I used to be able to get it online through Costco, but they no longer carry it (at least not in my area). A thorough Google search led me to Javaworks where I found the same product (and for cheaper!). It's hard to find a good 1kg size that's not super-expensive. This product is the perfect blend of Matcha and a little sweetener and makes the best hot or cold lattes just by adding milk! I also love using it with Starbucks-brand white chocolate creamer for a treat! Although, I usually only use a little of that and top off with regular milk since the Matcha itself is already sweet enough. Was very pleased with the packaging and shipping time from Javaworks, came WAY faster than I expected even!

Louise Pichler
ZenCafe Matcha tea review

My order arrived in just a few days. My whole family (all adults now) love this Matcha tea. It tastes great hot or cold and keeps us
bright minded and energetic all day long, without any jitters. Thanks for carrying this.

Genevieve Menard
Love it

I used to buy Matcha with flavour at David’s Tea, and I have to put a lot of it in my drink to make it taste. I’ve been surprised how the Java matcha is concentrated and I need to put less in my cup. Sometimes i add a strawberry flavour,
Love it!