Java Works French Roast

Dark Roast
Our signature "French Roast" is a blend of premium selected high grown Arabica coffees from the Latin Americas and the Asia Pacific regions. These specially selected beans are able to withstand the ultra high heat temperature that is required for a traditional French Roast. Java Works French Roast is deeply rich in body with intense smoky yet subtly sweet flavours. The low acidity level makes this a perfect blend to be enjoyed after an exceptional meal or to fill your favourite mug with while reading the Sunday morning paper.

Customer Reviews

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Brett H
Delicious strong coffee

I put this through my aeropress, it is delicious and comes through very strong and bold.

Classic french

Make this one in a french press for optimum results.

I'm spoiled now!

We dropped in on Java Works' location in Mississauga one late afternoon in November 2015, just barely arriving prior to closing time. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting the owners and despite the lateness of our arrival, were offered an espresso coupled with an informative education on the do's and do nots of coffee preparation and coffee selection. After much discussion and complimentary taste testing, it was determined that we would most definitely like the French Roast. We ordered a 5 lb. bag of their French Roast beans which we grind with our new (Krups) grinder (check it out - makes the difference between just OK and amazing!!!) every morning and it is always consistent and most definitely delicious!!!! We have made a second order of French Roast through their on-line site, which was shipped within a few days, arrived in perfect condition, and as was the previous batch.....yumm! No doubt we will be placing our future orders with Java Works......too spoiled now to go anywhere else and why would you?

Wonderfully simple, yet powerfully fragrant

This coffee is great for cappuccinos or with dessert, but if you want something more regular, you'll want to consider a light to medium roast. My favorite is the single origins Costa Rican bean, although the Colombian may be a little stronger. The small, dark beans in the French Roast are pleasantly aromatic, with a fuller body than some of the other blends. As with any coffee, I recommend you use a french press. The guests will really enjoy this one - it's why I trust Javaworks.