Single Origin Costa Rica

Medium Roast
The strong influence of volcanic soil in the Central Valley combined with the dry, Pacific climate and two very distinct seasons during the course of the year allow for the perfect development of coffee cherries in this region.This is silky smooth coffee with medium body, rich flavor with a very intense aroma. The acidity is bright, crisp and vibrant yet not overpowering allowing for a very balanced cup.

Customer Reviews

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Good taste

Very nice medium roast. Drank it often using a pour over iced coffee method.

Great flavour

I lived in Belize for eight years and got used to drinking Costa Rican coffee.
This medium bodied coffee instantly took me back there.
Nice suave taste, you can easily make it into an espresso as well.
I’m hooked.

Paul MacNaughton
Very nice

My usual bean is Brazil, the Costa Rico is flavourful but more mellow. It even makes a great espresso! I will make Costa Rico my everyday bean.

Gavin H.
Takes me away!

This Costa Rican coffee is simply amazing. The flavour instantly takes me back 10yrs to coffee on the porch during my honeymoon in Costa Rica!

I’m typically a dark roast, deep flavour coffee-lover but this one has such a bright & full-flavour for a more medium roast.

I wish there was a quantity to purchase that was more than the 340g bag but less than the 5lb…

This coffee is a house staple ever since I first tried it. Highly recommended.

Very balanced, Great cup

Really good stuff, great flavor, smells amazing!