Java Works French Roast

Dark Roast
Our signature "French Roast" is a blend of premium selected high grown Arabica coffees from the Latin Americas and the Asia Pacific regions. These specially selected beans are able to withstand the ultra high heat temperature that is required for a traditional French Roast. Java Works French Roast is deeply rich in body with intense smoky yet subtly sweet flavours. The low acidity level makes this a perfect blend to be enjoyed after an exceptional meal or to fill your favourite mug with while reading the Sunday morning paper.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Betty T
French Roast

Pleasantly surprised this coffee was not bitter at all. Really happy i took a chance after reading all the great reviews!

Marla M.
My Weekday Coffee Choice

I am particular about my coffee Mon-Fri. I just want a nice simple good coffee with no foofs, frills or anything else. I have found that in this very lovely french roast. Its delicious, not too bitter or acidic, doesn't make my tummy gurgle just a nice simple good coffee.

Sometimes plain is okay too.

Cathy R
Love this roast!

Still in the process of trying out different roasts from Javaworks. So far there isn't one we haven't enjoyed but this French Roast is at the top of the list and will definitely buy again. Great dark roast but without over powering. Beautiful aroma and taste to start the day.

Tina Kirkham
Rich and Delicious

Dark, aromatic and richly delicious! Will not disappoint. Highly recommend.

Sharon Quinton
French roast

Love it!