Bravado Gourmet Espresso

Medium Roast

The ultimate artisan roasted espresso...

Inspired by Italy's passion for extraordinary coffee. Velvety rich Espresso Bravado features smoky swirls of cocoa and caramel along with essences of roasted pecan, black cherry and ripe plum.  

Bravado is medium roasted and comprised of 100% Arabica Coffees from 5 different regions.  The result is a completely balanced, smooth cup with traditional espresso flavour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
A versatile coffee we use in on our regular coffee brewer!

After a talking to an Overseas friend about using an Italian Espresso in a cheap drip coffee maker, we thought we should try some espresso beans as a drip. YES, Bravado, ground to a nice medium grind. works very well our drip coffee maker! A full bodied coffee, surprisingly not a dark roast, but a flavourful medium roast that actually doesn't taste as dark as a Sumatran. We might have to try it in our old Bialetti clone, to experience it in its element! And, added bonus, like all coffee grounds, seems to keep squirrels and racoons out of our garden!

Lila Narciso

This coffee is delicious

D Baker
Exceptionally smooth

The espresso blend is exceptionally smooth and has great flavour for the price point. Very pleased with how it smelled and tasted after pulling the shot.

Excellent beans

Delicious, nuanced flavor at such a great price!

Rui T
The best, most consistent and fresh coffee you can get!

Bravado has been my go to bean for several yrs. I’ve tried other beans along the way, but keep going back to Bravado. I’ve gotten a few people to make the switch, all it took was one sip!