Swiss Chocolate Almond


Delicate almond flavours enveloped with rich Swiss chocolate, our Swiss Chocolate Almond flavoured coffee is the perfect companion for your morning, afternoon or evening cup!

*Gluten Free / Dairy Free*

Customer Reviews

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Gaelle BM
A good treat!!

My week-end's favorite!! Cheers!

Java Works Swiss Chocolate Almond

I absolutely crave the flavour of Java Works Swiss Chocolate Almond coffee every morning. Thank you making it!! It is the only coffee I make for myself using a Chemex pour-over. That first sip once it is made is stellar, every day!! Java Works is the only coffee place I have found that sells Swiss Chocolate Almond. Given my affinity for the flavour I hope it is always available.

Jennifer Doerr
One of my all time favorites 💗

I think the flavor of this coffee is amazing! The flavor is not weak but it's smooth and not over powering in my opinion. The chocolateyness is perfect and the hint of almond does have a bit of a hint of cherry to it as well I would say, which I think almond usually does if you grind it up or something, but I can't get enough and think it's perfect. It might actually be my favorite coffee.

Adrienne Pettitt
So yummy

Amazing!!! This is my favourite! You get the chocolate with a subtle after taste of almond. Soooo good!!

Doesn't Taste like Chocolate or Almonds

Purchased this product hoping to get a nice treat for myself. Although the shipping was fast and the packaging was very nice the product itself was not good. After opening the package I was met with an overwhelming cherry scent. Thinking it might be the packaging giving off the aroma I went ahead and brewed myself a cup of coffee. Unfortunately the coffee just tasted like maraschino cherries. I doubt I'll try any of the other coffee Java Works offers as it just left a bad taste in my mouth.