Single Origin Brazil

Dark Roast
Brazil Santos is a very traditional coffee, which can very simply be described as a "fine cup".  Santos coffees are grown generally in lower altitudes ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 ft.  Because of the lower altitudes, the acidity level is low to moderate, but the body is rich and full with a soft mellow finish. Flavour notes of citrus, sweet cherry and cocoa, round out this exceptional variety.  Roasted medium/dark, this coffee works great in a drip or in an Aeropress, but also makes an incredible espresso.

Customer Reviews

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Our new favourite brew!

Great Dark option

Love Brazil because it's smooth, dark and toasty. It's not too acidic and it's not too bitter which can sometimes happen with darker roasts. My only critique is I would like it to come in more size options. I go through the small bag too quickly but the larger size is too much to enjoy before the roast starts to deteriorate

Nice and mellow

I really love this coffee! It has great flavour and wasn't sour or acidic at all. Since this is roasted medium/dark I found it to be a crowd pleaser for my family. I am not much of a coffee connoisseur but I did taste the cocoa notes, which were nice and subtle.

Definitely one I will be getting regularly!

Not quite bold

Not sure whether this coffee is a medium or bold, I found it to be very full of taste and bright. It wasn't as harsh as a bold either. I prepared it using a siphon filter, approximately 2 scoops, freshly ground to a fine consistency, then percolated for about 45 seconds at optimal heat.

Great morning coffee

I find this coffee to have a smooth delivery with very mild acidity and a deep, yet initially subtle flavour. I found no harsh lingering aftertaste or bitterness. I didn't even realize it until I was nearly done that I was constantly sipping it the entire time.. through two cups! Neither of which had a chance to get cold. Disclaimer: Coffee was prepared with an AeroPress using the inverted method. One cup was prepared using a three minute steep time on 1.5 scoops, second cup thirty seconds on one scoop (couldn't wait any longer). Water was from the hot tap of a plumbed and heated office water dispenser.