Christmas Cookie


Delicious medium roasted coffee, flavoured with hints of almond and christmas shortbread cookie.  Available for a limited time!

Customer Reviews

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Sucker for a Christmas Cookie

My initial thought was that this would be closer to a sugar cookie flavor, which I would have loved.
The first time I tried it I was a bit thrown by that, however as I continued to make it it really grew on me.
It's a yearly staple now in our home that we can't do without!

So good!

Love this holiday season flavour! Hints of almond, cherries, etc. Smells and tastes like a freshly baked icebox cookie!

Ernie Jameson
Great coffee

I was not expwcting the great flavour of this coffee, it has now become one of my faves.

Tracey Kinsman
Very good coffee

This is really good! Just what we need at Christmas time or just the winter season in general!

Michaela Rauscher
Sugar cookie

I was very excited to receive the sugar cookie flavoured coffee. But I am disappointed. The coffee has a very strong almond taste not so much sugar cookie which to me is a bit more vanilla flavoured and sweet. The almond to me makes it bitter tasting.
If you like a strong almond flavour this is for you! I will try to mix it with another coffee so it doesn’t get thrown out . I was very disappointed.