Mountain Gems Organic Hummingbird Blend

Medium Roast

A bright and floral medium roast with juicy acidity.  Blended from high grown Latin American Arabicas.  Smooth and full bodied

This product is Certified Organic by EcoCert Canda - farmed and processed without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

This product is Certified Fairtrade - Ethically sourced 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Brad Connors
Hummingbird Blend

Delicious. My family and guests always requests this coffee. Nice and smooth tasting.

Jane Fraser

The hummingbird coffee was very smooth and delicious . We will definitely order it again .

Paul Kafieh

A subtle medium roast and great after work cup of coffee.

Brad Connors
Hummingbird Blend

Very nice!!

Karen J Gray
Fabulous coffee

I’d been buying Hummingbird by the bag from Amazon and then discovered the roaster was pretty close by and started buying it from them instead. My first bag was the 5lb one and the coffee in it had been roasted within the past week. So it was as fresh as it gets unless you roast your own.

Hummingbird is a medium roast that’s super smooth and very consistent from batch to batch. It’s delightful to drink at anytime of day and has some nice nutty notes to it. Beats the daylights out of any cup of coffee I can buy to drink on the spot - to the point I don’t go to coffee shops anymore. I’ll wait ‘til I get home and brew a fresh cup of Hummingbird instead.

I plan to keep right on buying it. It’s the best tasting every day, anytime coffee I’ve found and that it is roasted so close by is much better than buying from a roaster that’s hours or thousands of miles distant from here.

Try it - you won’t be disappointed.