Bigelow Lemon Lift Black Tea

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Sipped throughout the day, tea quenches, soothes, satisfies... and delivers healthful antioxidants. This tea is blended with just the right amount of lemon and a dash of spice. It is deliciously refreshing hot or iced

28 pouches

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John Grabowski
Great Tea Excellent Customer Service

Bigelow's Lemon Lift has always been one of my favourites. Lemon flavour with a bit of spice gives it an awesome taste. Java Works delivers quick and offers great customer service. Thanks Tom. I am very impressed. I will definitely be ordering more from you guys!

Laurie Friesen
My Favourite Tea

My favourite tea and since it is not available in grocery stores in Canada, I was so happy to find Javaworks. Made my order and it arrived very quickly!

Arlene Herauf
Lemon Lift Black tea - best tea with incredible flavour

I first had the Bigelow Lemon Lift black tea at Best Western Hotel in the States and fell in love with it. I am a huge tea fan and was pleasantly surprised at how flavourful this black tea was with a lemony punch that smelled amazingly citrusy. Even with adding cream to my tea, the fragrance was still noticeable and the taste was still strong without being watered down. I love the freshness of lemons and was thrilled to have a tea that I can sip throughout the day with my travel mug that kept it hot and smooth. It is one of the best lemon black tea I have ever had and this will be my go-to tea for years to come. Thank you Javaworks for carrying this delicious tea for us Canadians as we can't really find them in local stores or being charged an arm and a leg online. Shipping was free, quick and all the tea was packaged nicely without damage.

Jo-Anne Cathcart

I have been a tea drinker for 55 years and was introduced to Bigelow Lemon Lift 20 years ago and cannot find another tea that satisfies me as much. So happy that you carry this non-Canadian brand of tea. I will keep tea totalling with my favorite beverage thanks to Java Works.

Best tea ever!

Awesome tea! We now order it online from Java Works because we can’t seem to find it anywhere in Canada. Shipping is always fast and reliable.