Java Works Swiss Water Decaffeinated

100% Chemical-free decaffeinated using the Swiss Water™ Process, this natural decaf is made by soaking green coffee in a series of water baths to remove 99.9% of the caffeine naturally.  The result is an easy drinking dark roast that you will not believe is caffeine free!

Customer Reviews

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Paula Gauthier
Great coffee. Delivery was timely.

The coffee tastes great. Would give it 5 stars if it wasn’t so expensive.

jennifer Harvey
Java Works Swiss Water Decaffeinated

I am very happy with this coffee, it has lots of flavour, I will definitely buy it again. Shipping is quick and easy. I like it is decaffeinated naturally without using chemicals.

Helen Meilach
Best Tasting Decafe Ever

This is so delicious and it's decafe naturally.

Nancy B
Excellent product

I drink coffee to enjoy the flavour, not as a source of caffeine. This is the best tasting Swiss Water Decaf that I have found. I buy it in the large bag as this is what I want to have every day. I like that it has depth and richness with being bitter.
Highly recommend!

Coffee that tastes good!

Not many coffee roasters make good decaf coffee so I was pleased to try Java works and find that it might very well be my new favourite decaf.