Tom Lambros - May 2021

Geisha, Gesha - What is It?

Most of you have probably seen the word "Geisha" or "Gesha" on coffee packages online or in store and are wondering, what does it mean? and why is it so expensive?!

Here you'll find all the info you need on Geisha coffees: where they're from, how they're processed and why they're worth every penny!

Origins of Geisha

While most Geisha coffees today are found in Central and South America, most don't know is that the varietal itself was discovered in Ethiopia in the 1950s.  Deep in the heart of the Gesha Village is where the bean was first discovered.  After 

Map of the Birthplace of Coffee

2004 Resurgence

It was actually at a cupping competition in 2004 where Geisha was re-discovered after a long hiatus.  A coffee was put before the judges that had unprecedented characteristics.  It was extremely fruity, but also floral in aroma.  The judges knew based on the properties that this was an Ethiopian coffee, so how were they drinking it in Panama?

The reason? a farm called Hacienda La Esmeralda had grown Geisha on their highly elevated farm.  Over the next few years, Geisha varietals were planted all over Central and South America.

Colombian Geisha from Finca Mikava

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