Crème brulée


Les saveurs de ce dessert français classique sont associées au riche café Java Works pour une expérience gustative remarquable. Des essences de sucre caramélisé et une riche crème anglaise crémeuse complètent les saveurs profondes du café. Notre café aromatisé à la crème brûlée est parfait pour accompagner un dessert... ou à tout autre moment de la journée !

*Sans gluten / Sans produits laitiers*

Customer Reviews

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Scott S
Dream & Sugar

My wife and I love love love this one!
It's got all the notes of Creme Brulee and with a little cream and sugar, it's a dream after waking!😉❤

Greg S.
An Excellent Choice.

Over the years we have tried many suppliers of Creme Brulee coffee beans and the Java Works brand is our favourite. Great flavour, not sweet, but a true Creme Brulee taste. We use 50% Creme Brulee + 50% Arabica- grind fresh and enjoy!

Annabelle Winikoff
coffee evaluation

The flavoured coffee I buy is absolutely delicious. My favourites are the Irish Cream and Crème Brulée and I keep repeating the order as soon as my supply begins to run low. I highly recommend Java Coffee to all who enjoy drinking coffee.

Kate Rankin
Nice coffee

Nice coffee taste. Not overly identifiable as "creme brulee." More of just a mellow coffee flavor

Michelle Langevin

This is one of my favourite Javaworks flavours. I prefer this one to either the Caramel Macchiato or the Toffee as far as their caramel flavours go (though both of those are good as well!)