Kenya - Mchana Estate Coffee (227 g)


From the Mchana Estate farm in Ruiru, Kiambu County - the largest single coffee farm in Kenya, this fully washed bean boasts some massive juicy flavours!  

In 1950, the farm was acquired by an individual named Jas Nicoll.  He purchased 4 neighbouring farms in the area: N'gewe Estate, Kiki Estate, Mukuyu Estate and Mchana Estate, amalgamating them all into one entity - the Mchana Estata Coffee Farm.  Employing over 350 workers, all of which live on the grounds, the farm now produces over 2 tonnes per hectare.

This rich and full bodied African feels like a very complete cup, balanced and rounded yet unique in flavour.  Sweet, tart notes of blood orange and currant followed by deep, toasty notes of roasted cocoa. 


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