Honduras Rio Olancho

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1 lb / 454 g

This Honduran bean from the Gualaco district is part of our Direct Trade partnership with the Rio Olancho Co-op in El Carrizal.  This specific offering hails from 1350 M.A.S.L on the farm of Arturo Colindres.  Arturo is one of the founding members of the co-op now made up of 60 small producers.

Roasting this Catimore to a medium or mid roast is the perfect preparation.  Too light can be a little on the acidic side but roasting medium or slightly darker will preserve the floral aroma and bring out some of the subtle and sweet chocolatey notes.

Preparation: Natural

Tasting notes: Floral, Vanilla, Semi-sweet Chocolate

*Note: This Coffee has not been roasted, it is intended for further processing*