Finca Mikava - Geisha (227 g)

Anaerobic Fermentation

One of the most unique and exciting lots we have seen is now available from Java Works Coffee!  

Finca Mikava is located in the "Zona Cafetera" in the mountains of Risaralda.  It is made up of 2 estates.  What makes this farm unique is it's origins.  Mikava was founded in 2013 by Paul Doyle and his Son Kevin.  Paul and Kevin started their coffee journey first by opening a cafe, and then roastery - but had always dreamt of owning a farm.

After opening their 6-hectare plot, Paul and Kevin got to work on creating some of the most unique varietals and experimental preparations available!

This Geisha bean from Colombia is processed using a new style of Anaerobic Fermentation called "Carbonic Maceration".  This method introduces CO2 into the sealed vessels of coffee cherries which brings on intracellular fermentation (from the inside out)

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