Gesha Village - Geisha (227g)

Light Roast

In western Ethiopia, a few kilometers from the Sudanese border, lies Bench Maji.  A lush and wild jungle of sprawling forests and extending plateaus.  It is right here that Gesha Village Coffee Estate grows some of the finest coffees in the world.  The perfect storm of elevation, ample rainfall and climate, gives this Gesha 1931 cultivar its incredible flavour.

Gesha, or “Geisha” you may have heard about in Central and South American varieties of coffee.  However it is in Ethiopia, in the Gori Gesha forest where it has been determined that the Panamanian Geisha bean was originally collected.  The Gesha 1931 bean closely resembles the Panamanian Geisha bean as well as its profile – which boasts the sweet and juicy acidity of a Satsuma Mandarin (Sumo), dark honey and a finish with a hint of Bergamot.

This unique and flavourful coffee is available while supplies last.  Hand roasted in small batches.