Burundi - Muramba [227g]


From the Rotheca Womens Coffee Farm in the Kirundo province of Burundi comes this exciting new Micro Lot.  Grown high on Bwinyana Hill at over 1700 M.A.S.L - this East African specialty coffee is extremely unique in flavour.  While it does offer some of the traditional acidity from an African bean, this coffee is more of a juicy, stone-fruit like acidity of a white flesh peach or nectarine.  Finishing out with an extremely creamy body and notes of milk chocolate.  

The name of the farm "Rotheca" comes from the native African Butterfly bush - the Rotheca Myricoid.  The women of Rotheca farm some beautiful coffee and process it using a 14 hour fermentation.  Which imparts fruit forward notes onto this Red Bourbon varietal.

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