Muramba Wet Mill (227g)

Medium Roast

From the Rotheca Womens Coffee Farm in the Kirundo province of Burundi comes this exciting new Micro Lot.  Grown high on Bwinyana Hill at over 1700 M.A.S.L - this East African specialty coffee is extremely unique in flavour.  While it does offer some of the traditional acidity from an African bean, this coffee is more of a juicy, stone-fruit like acidity of a white flesh peach or nectarine.  Finishing out with an extremely creamy body and notes of milk chocolate.  

The name of the farm "Rotheca" comes from the native African Butterfly bush - the Rotheca Myricoid.  The women of Rotheca farm some beautiful coffee and process it using a 14 hour fermentation.  Which imparts fruit forward notes onto this Red Bourbon varietal.


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