From a tiny Toronto storefront in 1968, our family roasted our first batch of delicious coffee.  In the early days, it was our passion for the world's greatest beverage that inspired us to perfect our craft.  Today, from our roaster in Mississauga, Ontario, we celebrate our third generation of coffee roasting and bringing you an exceptional and memorable coffee drinking experience. 

We roasted our first batch of coffee on the little 25 pound batch roaster pictured above.  What was once our primary piece of equipment has now become our logo and mascot.  In fact, if you visit our roastery you can see the original on display. 


It all started from a tiny

Toronto storefront in 1968

where our founder, Spiros Athanasoulis roasted his first batch of delicious coffee
With very humble beginnings, it was our passion for the world's greatest beverage that inspired us to perfect our craft. Cup by cup, a loyal customer base was growing amongst the local Toronto restaurateurs. We were a perfect fit for them, because patrons were now able to enjoy a perfect cup of fresh roasted gourmet style coffee at the end of a meal or just on its own.
Today, from our roastery in Mississauga Ontario, we take great pride in providing coffees of unsurpassed quality and excellence to a wide variety of specialty cafes, fine restaurants and many other choice dining and hospitality establishments. In fact, you've probably enjoyed our coffee while dining at one of your favourite restaurants or while visiting one of your local coffee bars.
And now, we are just as proud and excited to bring these exceptionally fine coffees to all coffee lovers across the country - all have been craft roasted in small batches and prepared using our "fresh from bean to brew" philosophy. Giving you the perfect cup each and every time.