Single Origin Colombia

Medium Roast
Colombia is the world's 2nd largest producer of coffee and probably the world's most recognized.  Colombian coffees are renown for their consistency from harvest to harvest and for their full rich body and extremely well balanced flavour. These full size Arabicas from the cental zone, give way to a juicy acidity and medium bodied coffee. Also, an array of caramel and mouthwatering sweetness will indulge your palate.

Customer Reviews

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Lu Huang
Will buy again!

I bought this last month but didn't receive until this month. While I was waiting for this coffee, I bought a bag of JBM from another company. I can't tell which one is better. The JBM was much more expensive. So I will buy this again. I had two cups on the first day after I received this coffee, and was awake all night.

I loved this coffe

I ordered 5lbs of this coffee in February 2023. It is not strong, it is balanced, I loved the flavor.
Ordering another 5 lbs for me and my husband. We're coffee lovers and this is definitely our favorite

Andre Jobin
balanced coffee

Not too strong nor too weak, it is a really good coffee, one of my favorites

Sarah Macwilliam
My favorite

This coffee hands down my favorite

Scott Coates

Perfect aroma and flavour in the morning! I think it’s the best choice. Tried many of the others and I always come back to this one