Volcan De Suchitan - Yellow Honey Geisha (227 g)

Medium Roast

An interesting collaborative project between two coffee friends Jose Padilla and Gonzalo Hernandez, Volcan de Suchitan is a beautiful Geisha bean that we are excited to add to our Micro Lot offerings!

Grown over 2000 m.A.S.L, this varietal comes from seeds relocated from the Coffea diversa Garden in Costa Rica.  The pair of farmers decided on Suchitan as an ideal region for producing the micro-lot and it is processed using the Yellow Honey Process.

Beans are picked and hulled but the mucilage layer is left unwashed.  By leaving these beans in the sun, the layer becomes thicker and stickier.  First turning yellow, then to red, then black.  Yellow Honey means the fermentation process was stopped after the first stage where the mucilage is yellow.

This Geisha packs a nice punch of sweet acidity which is balanced out with toasted hazelnut and then finishes out with notes of citrus and milk chocolate.


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