Single Origin Kenya

Medium Roast
Big, bold, and juicy are perfect descriptors for our Kenya Single Origin offering.  Mouth puckering bright  acidity is what you will experience at first sip - followed by a complexity of savoury-sweet flavours.  There is something almost tropical tasting about this exceptional coffee.  We carefully and slowly roast this superb coffee in small lots to bring out all the unique flavour elements of one of Africa's finest coffees.

Customer Reviews

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A Berk
Bold and Rich


Rimas Danaitis
Easy drinking coffee

African coffees have always been my favorite, especially the peaberry variety. This Keneyan coffee is medium bodied with a pleasant flavor. Ideal to start your morning.

Breakfast Blend Lovers

Most coffees which are advertised as a "light roast" or "breakfast blend" are often too light for me. As this is a medium roast, I'd probably call this "Medium bordering on Light Roast," giving it a 3.8/10 on the darkness scale (1 being the lightest, 10 being the darkest). This Kenya coffee from Java Works works excellent as a breakfast blend, coffee which is like a bag sunshine. This is the perfect roast to kickstart your day. Flavours are big, bright, and beautiful and come through nicely without being too harsh on the palate. I'm quite sensitive to any burned notes in a cup of Java, and this coffee has ZERO. The tricky part for me is finding a coffee which has been roasted just right to bring out the flavours and acidity, keeping it strong and bold without the bitter or burned aftertaste. This has become my new replacement for that perfect cup I look for in the morning. I highly recommend this coffee if you like things on the lighter side, but still keeping it real. Java Works sells some excellent dark roasts if that's more your style, but for me, this Kenya coffee really hits the spot. Thank you Java Works, this is my 3rd bag and plan to review more of your brilliant coffees!

Really great!

Love these medium roast, well-balanced Kenya beans!

Our Favourite!

One our family favourites!!! Such a nice smooth coffee!