Bravado Gourmet Espresso

Medium Roast

The ultimate artisan roasted espresso...

Inspired by Italy's passion for extraordinary coffee. Velvety rich Espresso Bravado features smoky swirls of cocoa and caramel along with essences of roasted pecan, black cherry and ripe plum.  

Bravado is medium roasted and comprised of 100% Arabica Coffees from 5 different regions.  The result is a completely balanced, smooth cup with traditional espresso flavour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Best coffee I've tried to date

I starting buying these beans a few years ago for use in my Super Auto machine. They are the perfect roast for my machine and have had no trouble with over oily beans gumming things up. I've tried several different options but always go back to this roast. In my humble opinion, it is the best out there! I've given up trying other blends and order this embarrassingly large quantities. Thank you for making such amazing Espresso!

Paulo De Carvalho
Bravo Bravado!

Overall excellent experience with quick delivery and the freshest coffee I've ever had, having been roasted days prior. Bravado is an excellent, flavorful espresso. I appreciate the good quality resealable bag. Will purchase again.

James Paul
Our current favourite

A fine blend and roast, very enjoyable for a robust cup of coffee.

Hemant Kapadia
Excellent espresso

The Bravado is one of the better espressos i’ve had. It’s great as an espresso shot or as a espresso based drink.

Gail Duggan
Gift for family

This is a hit with the "giftee" so I think it will be another gift in the future. Too bad they are too far away for me to share coffee with them!