Java Works The Majestic

Africa is the birthplace of coffee and still the source of many of the world’s finest Arabica coffees. Java Works Premium African Majestic Blend roasts slowly to develop a deep coffee taste foundation, while emphasizing the bright acidity that is the hallmark of the finest African coffees. The sun-drenched mountain slopes are evident in every crisp sip, with nuances of citric tartness and delicate fruity notes..

Customer Reviews

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Jerome Veillette
Good coffee

We enjoyed the Majestic Espresso blend. Great value when Edvantage coupon applied

Bernie Hayhoe

I have been buying this coffee for the last 2 years and find it is very smooth and enjoyable. Not sugar needed to take away any bitterness as there is none.
Great blend.

B. Bradley
Great taste

I was previously gifted Metropolitan which I really liked, now I think that I'll have to alternate with your Majestic that I tried for the first time this morning.
I have a difficult time deciding which I like best ...

Mary B
Long time favourite

The Majestic is my favourite go-to blend since I discovered it five years ago. Brightness for the first cup of the day! Java Works has so many great choices for different occaisions.

My Go-To

So many different options, but the Majestic is definitely my go to. Brighter cup but delicious