Cold brew can be enjoyed year round but is great as a summer treat.  By brewing a large batch of concentrate, simply add water or milk and ice for a cold coffee, or add hot water if you want!  Using cold water in the brew cycle and steeping for 12-16 hours gives you a super smooth and flavourful drink without any of the bitterness of hot brewed coffee.



Measure out half a pound (227 g) of your favorite Java Works Coffee.  We used Mountain Gems Fair Trade Organic Hummingbird - a light to medium roast.  *Tip - Use lighter roasts for cold brew as you will get a smoother, sweeter concentrate.  Darker roasts will be smokier.



Grind the the coffee to a coarse consistency - similar to french press.  We are going to be soaking the grounds for between 12-14 hours, so too fine and you'll be left with a bitter final product.  For more information about grind levels, click here.



Pour the freshly ground coffee into a glass vessel that can hold around 10 cups of water.  We are going to be adding 8 cups, and the grounds will take up the rest of the space.



Fill the container with 8 cups (64 oz) of room temp to cold water.  Make sure you give the grounds a stir so they are all saturated, then throw it in the fridge!