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Bunn "My Cafe" Single Serve Coffee Maker is a very versatile and easy to use single-serve brewer. The My Cafe comes with 3 brewing adapters which allows to brew coffee using loose ground, K-Cups and Soft Pods. This machine can also dispense hot water which can be used for instant oatmeal and hot chocolate and you can even brew tea using any type of tea bag.
The built in hot water resevoir means that more flavour and richness will be extracted from your coffee. Also comes with a pulse brew option for additional strength and flavour
Width: 7 1/4″; Depth: 10 1/2″; Height: 12″; Material(s): Stainless Steel.






My Cafe from Bunn. Brew amazing single cup coffee and save money by using loose ground coffee. Also works with K-Cups and Soft Pods. Great for brewing tea also.

Customer Reviews

Expensive for a single cup brewer but well worth the investment Review by John D
We decided to replace our Tassimo brewer which served us well but was lacking in selection compared to the growing number of K-cup options [years ago we also had one of the original Keurig brewers]. This Bunn unit has met and exceeed our expectations in many areas. It brews a HOT cup of great tasting coffee - of course you need to use quality coffee to begin with - in less than a minute per cup. You have the option to allow it to pass through the K-cup in one long stream, or to have it push through smaller amounts at at time, allow the water to momentarily rest in the pod, which produces a stronger, fuller bodied cup of coffee.
The unit is always on, but does not consume that much electricity once the water is heated, so you have a ready to go source of hot water for beverages other than coffee. In addition, you do not get a trace of coffee flavour in the hot water as you use a special head unit for the hot water. There is an additional head unit for soft pods [i have not tried this yet] or for tea bags. I like strong tea so I must admit it is difficult to achieve when the water passes quickly through the unit rather than steeps the tea. But is it drinkable - yes!
The fourth head unit is for ground coffee. It has a stainless steel microfilter which allows some of the oils of the coffee to pass but not theof the fine grounds. To me the end result is the great taste of a french press without the telltale residue in the bottom of your cup. I feel the is the option we will be using the most.
In terms of build quality - what can I say - there is a reason you see a Bunn machine in so many restaurants. The quality is solid and functional. The machine is simple to operate, a breeze to keep clean, and the heads interchange in seconds with ease. I can not speeak to durability but may perhaps revisit this down the road. In terms of my perceived value for this unit, I feel it is expensive but worth it.
(Posted on 12/26/2015)

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