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We've been passionate about the world's greatest beverage since 1968.  As our family celebrates our 3rd generation of coffee roasting, we always think back to our very first roast and how exciting that day was - today that same excitement is still present with each and every roast. There's something almost magical about the tranformation  that takes place. Just watch our video below to see more on this. 


JavaWorks Coffee: Hand Roasted Blends from Neon Films on Vimeo.




It all started from a tiny Toronto storefront in 1968, where our founder, Spiros Athanasoulis roasted his first batch of delicious coffee.  

With very humble beginnings, it was our passion for the world's greatest beverage that inspired us to perfect our craft. Cup by cup,  a loyal customer base was growing amongst the local Toronto restaurateurs.  We were a perfect fit for them, because patrons were now able to enjoy a perfect cup of fresh roasted gourmet style coffee at the end of a meal or just on its own.

Today, from our roastery in Mississauga Ontario,  we take great pride in providing coffees of unsurpassed quality and excellence to a wide variety of specialty cafes, fine restaurants and many other choice dining and hospitality establishments.  In fact, you've probably enjoyed our coffee while dining at one of your favourite restaurants or while visiting one of your local coffee bars.  

And now, we are just as proud and excited to bring these exceptionally fine, restaurant and cafe quality coffees to all gourmet coffee lovers across the country.  Whether it’s our Pacific Spirit, Espresso Bravado, Metropolitan or our Mountain Gems Fair Trade Organic coffees - all have been craft roasted in small batches and prepared using our "fresh from bean to brew" philosophy.  Giving you the perfect cup each and every time.




With over 50 coffee producing countries around the world and with literally hundreds of coffee growing regions, our job of selecting great coffees can be a bit daunting at times. But one thing is for sure...we love the process. Whether we're checking a new crop from one of our favourite regions or looking at a new offering, we just can't wait to roast up a sample and excite our senses. Over the years we've come to realize that success in sourcing great coffee lies in the strengths and expertise of not just one person, but that of a a group of people who all have a passion for the world's greatest beverage.  We are fortunate to be working with some of the best green coffee vendors in the business. They know exactly what we're looking for and they scour the coffee lands to bring us the best.

Want to know our Top 10 (in no particular order) favourite origins?

From Africa and The Pacific:  Kenya, Ethiopia, Indonesia Sumatra

From Central America: Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua

From South America: Brazil, Peru, Colombia



Once we get our hands on some great quality coffees, we take them into our tasting lab for some further testing.  This is where all the magic happens.  It's at this stage when we can decide if a certain origin fits into our blends, or if we've found something really special we want to feature on its own as part of our Single Origin Series.  We also cup all of our current coffees regularly to ensure quality and consistency.  We "cup" coffees by grinding them freshly roasted, and pouring hot water over the grounds for a very strong, unfiltered cup.  We want to taste the coffee in its raw form - this way any flavour profiles we can taste are amplified. We slurp these coffees down and make notes on things like Acidity (the bright and sometimes lemony taste you get on the tip of your tongue when you first sip), Body (the mouthfeel of the coffee and the way the taste stays on your palate) and other flavour characteristics we pick up. When we're done, we do it again, and again... any excuse for another cup!



Our Roasting facility is fully modernized, while at the same time, very traditional. We’ve combined today’s new roasting technologies with time-tested roasting methods. We use the renowned Probat Burns roasters in our facility. These are batch roasters, typically roasting as much as 200kg of coffee at a time and are also capable of attaining a high amount of heat very quickly. Our Burns Roasters have been meticulously engineered, specifically for the coffee industry. We also roast very small batches of specialty coffee on our Toper single bag contact roaster; enabling us to produce micro roasts of more specialized or limited edition coffees

Our facility is equipped with a state of the art green bean sorting and cleaning system. This ensures that only the best and most perfect beans make their way into the roaster. Each batch of coffee is carefully roasted by recipe to achieve a specific roast profile. While many of our roasting parameters are electronically controlled, it’s the skill and craftsmanship of our roasting team that guarantees the perfect roast every time.